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It’s Never Lupus!

2014-09-09 15.14.51


Alright, this baby has already had 3 ultra sounds, which is crazy.  I have enjoyed getting to see it so much already and watch the progress.  It’s about as big as an orange right now.  I can’t believe how fast it’s happened, even though I realize I have been sick the ENTIRE time we have been in Houston.

We had a few new developments this week.  After going to my new OB, whom I absolutely adore and then to the high risk doctor, followed by a genetic counselor, it was suggested that I possibly lost babies before and after Gracie because of some medication I was on that possibly caused me to throw clots into the umbilical cord terminating my pregnancies.  We did have genetic testing done on the baby girl I was pregnant with after Gracie and hers came back completely healthy.  It’s too late to know at this point what went down and it’s all just speculation.  That leads us to today where they drew quite a bit of blood, testing for clotting disorders as well as Lupus.  Do I think I have Lupus?  No, but I do hold some of the symptoms.  So stay tuned….

As for the genetic counselor, I think I just paid for a really expensive therapy session where she informed me that our family was impressively well-adjusted to having a special needs child.  Which, I already knew we loved her to the moon and have been crazy about making sure she has had every last thing that she needs.  I also realize we are blessed that Gracie is pretty mild on the side of special needs.  For now the surgeries are done, she can walk, she can eat and she may even live a pretty normal life.  Now that being said, the counselor most likely usually deals with parents who are just finding out about their diagnosis and are trying to process their new path and how hugely their world has just been rocked.  I imagine a lot of panic, confusion, devastation and tears fly through her office.  Regardless, we will see how it all goes…

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