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Another First…

2014-08-25 11.45.19-1

It’s that time of year again when the leaves start to change, and the crisp breeze and the swaying trees nod their last farewells to summer.  And now we live in Texas where the cool ocean breeze has been replaced with a stifling 107 degree day with the humidity helping us feel as though we are enjoying a free trip to the sauna.  With that, the kids head off to school.  4th grade, 2nd grade and Pre-school.

2014-08-25 15.38.54-1


I will point out these happy cheers and hand waving were present both before and after school today.  The kids love their teachers, the bus, their new friends and their school.  There wasn’t a single nervous vibe from anyone.  I love that my kids are so open to new adventures and paths in life.  I’m proud of them!

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