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Life in a Box From Tiffany’s

IMG_2013-03-06 18.08.00

Will decided he wanted to rearrange my family room a while back in our old house.  I decided I wanted something to change too and this is what I picked.  Everyone’s painting fun furniture they pick up here and there at garage sales or salvage yards.  Regardless, I love my bed and my dresser way too much to paint them, not to mention I have a HUGE love for mahogany!  My wall took the splash of color instead.  I’ve had people think it looks like anything from a Tiffany’s Box, to Perry the Platypus.  Honestly, I love both so it’s 6 of 1 half dozen of the other in my eyes.  Now that we are in the new house, I think I’m going to stick with the same color!  Stay tuned…

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