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For Over a Decade…

2014-06-09 12.17.28

Amy and I have been friends now for over a decade.  We taught at the same school together, our husbands were in the same major at BYU together and shared some classes.  We happened to get married about a month apart and we have 2 sets of kids that are within months of each other.  Grad school separated us and then we happened to end up in San Diego together.  The beach has been a hub for us all.  It will be sad to leave them.


2014-06-09 11.55.50


Since Gracie has joined our family, she has fit right in perfectly, calling the beach home!  Today was just Amy, the littles and me.

2014-06-09 11.53.55-1

I never take selfies so I thought, one can’t hurt…

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