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“El Perfecto”

2014-06-21 08.05.50


I’ve had the unfortunate luck of picking up surfing my last month in San Diego and consequently loving it.  I bought a surf lesson coupled with breakfast for Will from our Bishop a while back at our youth auction and Will didn’t have the time to use it so I stole it back and went myself.  Katie came to keep me company and is already a pro, but she humors me and tosses me pearls of wisdom here and there which, I greatly appreciate!

The leopard sharks and seals were out and about this morning.  I had big shark cruise right past.  Everyone swore it was as big as my board.  This means 1 of 3 things.  Leopard sharks here in La Jolla have suddenly gotten ridiculously huge, or 2 the shadows in the ocean are good at playing tricks….or 3 it wasn’t a leopard shark, because I sure as heck was NOT riding a 5 ft. board…

2014-06-21 10.32.57


Bishop let me use “El Perfecto.”  There’s actually a really cool story behind the board we learned about at breakfast.  Had I heard the story before we went surfing, I never would have even used it.

2014-06-23 14.42.16

Breakfast at Voulez Vous was a delicious way to end.

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One Response to ““El Perfecto””

  1. Roger says:

    Very good reason to cancel the plans for Texas and stay here, I would say!!!