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My Momma

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Once I became a mother, Mother’s Day took a turn and I haven’t seen it or my own mother the same.  When I was 7 and it was mother’s day, I thought about all the ways I could surprise my mom and show her I love her.  I made her toast, provided her with at least 3 selections of drinks on a tray.  They would often times be accompanied by a hand drawn card laden with crayoned-stick figures of she and I.  Of course, I couldn’t forget the assortment of hand-picked flowers from the yard…yes, I was heavy on the dandilions.

And then I grew up, and had kids of my own.  Those first Mother’s Day brought memories of the day I gave birth, those beginning hours, days and months when I was learning to love and be a mom.  As my kids have grown and faced challenges, I see more layers peel back and I discover over and over again, what it really means to be a mother.  The deep love and compassion one has for their children.  The hopes and dreams of your children as well as their pain, grief and triumph are felt most deeply with your because you are their mother.


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And then I had the day when I realized that all those feelings I feel for my kids are exactly how my mom felt and feels about me and I was knocked to my knees.  I know EXACTLY how she feels.  How humbling it is knowing that I have someone who loves me that much.  Someone who has cared for me, silently cheered for me and prayed for me for so many, many years.  How exhaustive and amazingly wonderful!  I really do have the best mom in the world!  I love you, Mom!


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3 Responses to “My Momma”

  1. Kathy Nielson says:

    😉 I love you more…

  2. Lisa Foster says:

    You look a lot like your Mom!

  3. Hila says:

    Beautiful. And so, so true. (Love your mom’s comment! So cute ;)!)