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Having a Board Kind of Day!

2014-05-14 15.20.15-1


The  San Diego wildfires are raging something fierce.  The black clouds billow high into the sky.  the 106 degree heat makes the swirling wind scalding on my skin. My hair smells of campfire.  So we do what everyone here in San Diego does.  We go to the beach.  Our hearts and our prayers go out the the firefighters who work so diligently to keep us safe so we can have a fun day playing with the ones we love!


2014-05-14 15.31.00-1


The beach is a safe haven for now.  We are left untouched, disappearing from the world for a few hours so we can just be together in a place we love!


2014-05-14 17.29.01-1


My two big kids spent 3 hours in the water with each other laughing, splashing and riding waves.


2014-05-14 15.19.31-1


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