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Once you hit 21 most people aren’t so happy to have another birthday.  People aren’t interested in getting bigger or growing up anymore.  They just want to stay the same…young forever!  Well all through my 32nd year I thought I was 33.  And then I turned 33 and realized I was still 33.  I completely missed 32.  I guess there is a sign I must be getting old.  I was born in 1980 so really, it’s pretty easy for me to figure out my age, yet the number effectively eluded me for an entire year.  Well no more ninja numbers this year.  I plan on embracing 34 and living each day to the fullest.  Melanie, Jess, Katie and Brandy all helped me welcome in a new year!..With another delicious breakfast, I might add.

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Since we were already in Del Mar, we added Amy and Michelle and enjoyed a few hours lounging on the beach sans kids.  No words can begin to describe the freedom and relaxation that comes from enjoying the beach with great friends.  I wasn’t constantly doing the head count or searching the foam waiting for Hudson to resurface.  I didn’t even have to shake my towel off once.  It stayed clear of the all to often shovels of sand that take up residence on while my children dig well meaning holes, cities and moats.  I can feel it…34 is going to be awesome!


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