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Salagadoola Mechicka Boola

2014-03-05 11.16.31


Her fairy godmother stepped out, “Your majesty!…Princess Annie!…We’re ready!”  Smiling with anticipation Annie followed her back for her birthday transformation!  The royal wardrobe delivered Ana’s coronation dress to Annie.  Hair was sprayed and combed and brushed, and fluffed and sprayed and gelled and sprayed some more.  The crown was carefully chosen and placed perfectly atop her head.  What a perfect way to start a birthday celebration!

2014-03-05 11.30.24

As our last family trip to Disneyland, we had to enjoy it!  Have you ever seen Will look so happy in a Disneyland picture?!  She even got some fun perks for being a princes.  Reserved front row royal seating for the parade?…um, yes please!


Bibbidi….Bobbidi…Boo!  Little Miss Annie turned 7!

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