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Pay Her in Pancakes…

2014-01-29 11.23.42-1


Do you have those moments you want to remember, but there is no photographer in sight?

2014-01-29 11.23.02

Then you glance over and notice the cute little 3 year old standing next to you and you think, “I bet you would make an awesome photographer!”  So you show her how to work your phone and let her take as many pictures, *cough* 40 or so, as she wants.

2014-01-29 11.23.39

Yeah, I did that and I was right.  She was awesome!  Three year old children are fearless and they all love to push buttons.  I think they even make better photographers than some adults.  When you ask an adult to take a picture, they take one and hand it back to you. Usually, it’s blurry and you feel bad for asking them to take another one, because that one didn’t work out, and they didn’t walk down the street to take your picture, they were just trying to go get some lunch or walk their dog.  So I hold my tongue as the words roll through my head, “My phone doesn’t use film so take as many pictures as you want.”

I digress, we just started cheering her on and she snapped away and I got exactly what I wanted!  I think I might owe her some sort of payment…

On a side note, which was supposed to be the main note….I finally got to go to Richard Walker’s Pancake House.  No words…the food was awesome!!  Try it!

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