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Denial…at its Finest!

2014-01-21 10.08.13

Let me clear some things up…

1st Yes, we’re moving.

2nd Yes, I’m excited because I love Matt, Kathy, Kylie and Daniel…and I finally get a house!

3rd  Yes, I am angry and heart-broken.  I eat, sleep and breathe San Diego!  My soul is happy here and I LOVE everyone I know here.

4th  No, I have no idea when we’re moving and yes it’s very stressful not knowing…and I don’t do stress!

5th Yes, I am having a terrible time coping,  I feel extremely fragile which is unfamiliar territory for me and Will is trying to be patient with me.

6th Yes, I have to go to my happy place to cope.  I think I might be there more than usual in the next little while.

7th Yes, I normally love moving, but this time it sucks!  And I know moving, this is my 34th time…just in time for my birthday!

8th  Yes, I know I need an attitude adjustment.  I’m working on it.

9th  Yes, I need more hugs.  I’m hoping it will help with #5 and #8.  I am being a big baby and a brat!  I feel awful for it!

10th I know my Father in Heaven hears and answers prayers.  I know He loves me.  He wants me to be happy and He knows what is best.  I completely trust in Him and the guidance he gives.  I prepare to close this chapter willingly and with gratitude in my heart.  I look forward to the new adventure and the love, joy and growth it WILL bring.  Here goes everything!



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3 Responses to “Denial…at its Finest!”

  1. roger says:

    Sad you’re moving. The ward won’t be the same when you guys leave. So where are you moving to?

  2. Jessica says:

    I am all about denial for the next 5 months. :) I am reminded how important it is to live in the “present” instead of worrying about tomorrow. It is hard not to plan and think about the future but at the same time enjoy the here and now.

  3. Jessica says:

    @Roger, it’s still TBD. We should know soon. @Jess, amen!