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Like Glass Shards

2013-12-27 13.17.25-1

Scanning my view, I notice the pine trees that beautifully frame the scene.  The crisp blanket of snow that drapes on the hills gives depth to the shimmering, crystalized lake that lay in front of me.  I can’t help, but notice the thick, jagged cracks that lace through the lake.  My mind wanders as my kids step onto the ice first testing with timid steps, then sliding across the lake on bellies full of laughter.  I want to scream.  I’m already screaming in my head.  My precious children out among the shards.  In my head the peaceful scene swirls with “what ifs…” and thoughts of a lake broken in shards from too much weight in a step.  Shaking my head free of my thoughts, I scoop Gracie into my arms with a nuzzle and think nothing more of “what ifs.”



I know you see them too!  You can’t deny those cracks in the lake neatly framing our feet.





I’m not sure this counts as walking on water…

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