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Winnemucca, Meet Canada

2013-07-04 13.12.07


The Fourth of July was filled with fireworks, lightning, a parade, and a train of cows.  I’m sure you are commenting to yourself on the odd compilation of things that made up our Independence Day.  The afternoon brought dark grey storm clouds and the evening slit their bellies dumping remarkable amounts of rain and a scattering of lightning.    When lightning and fireworks pair, they make quite the show.

2013-07-04 13.27.01


The parade offered just as many surprises as the evening.  The National high school rodeo finals were held in Winnemucca so most of the floats in the Winnemucca parade were from out of the state.  Montana, Wyoming, Canada???, and others were well represented.  Upon seeing Hudson, you may not guess today was the 4th of July.  Clearly, he was still celebrating Brasil’s victory against Italy in the FIFA cup.

2013-07-04 13.33.53

To add chaos to the confusion, some sweet girl from the National Canadian Rodeo float hopped off and mounted a set of red moose antlers on his head.  Really, one might wonder where his loyalties lie…

2013-07-04 12.14.20

As for activities, the picture says it all.

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