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Sailing, Sailing, Over the Ocean…


We discovered some of the hidden gems of Brasil the day Will and I spent on  Cavalo Marinho. Too bad Will is behind the camera.  I swear he was there with me!  The day started on the Pier de Guadalupe.  Huge, blue, red and yellow crabs were all snapping their welcome along the bottom of the pier.


Black sea urchins, angel fish, wrasse, yellow tang, sea horses, puffer fish, and scuttling crabs were everywhere.  I had crazy amounts of fish swarming my head.  Will pointed out that perhaps my earrings were acting as some pretty awesome lures.


We stopped at Bano de argila.  We covered ourselves from head  to foot in white clay that was supposed to revitalize and who knows what else.  Frankly put, my Portugese still stinks so for all I know it promised warts and wrinkles!


Twice is rained, but only for a few minutes and only when it wasn’t of any consequence since we weren’t really doing anything except hanging out on the boat at the time.  And some guy came floating by with an ice cream basket so I was good to go.  I thought it was over priced, but I guess boat-side delivery is reason enough.



We stopped at Praia de Carneiros as well.  That is where we did the snorkeling and we just stayed on the beach for a few hours.  It is accessible via boat only.  The ocean was knee deep for over 100 yards with little to no waves.


We had everything pretty much to ourselves.


We ate lunch on this little deserted, island, or inlet, we couldn’t really tell which.  This was the only structure we saw the whole time.  Lunch was served up warm, with fish, beans, rice, spaghetti, farofa, veggies, fruit, bread and grilled chicken.







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