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Chau!…or is it Chow!

2013-06-22 16.19.27

I’m not going to lie.  Food was a definite highlight of the trip!  I was beside myself with drinks alone.  That little beauty will is sipping on has maracuuja, guava, grapes, tangerines, pineapple, mango and about 7 other fruits chopped up and added.  I do believe this is an area where the US could learn a thing or two from Brasil.

2013-06-24 07.49.59


I am positively sure that breakfast gave me an extra 5 pounds, especially with the bollo de rolo.  I was close to spending a pretty penny in the airport to bring some home.  The cake is perfectly baked about 1/8 of an inch think and then guava jam is spread on it and it’s then rolled up and sliced.  You haven’t experienced good food until you’ve had some.  My belly can speak for itself and will tell you I had way more than some.

2013-06-22 12.11.24

I think many people think of Brasil and they see pirahana in the rivers, monkeys in the jungle and huts everywhere.  The truth is there are some very modern places in Brasil.  Take this little cafe we found one day when we were out walking.  Can you even tell we aren’t in the US?

2013-06-22 12.16.53


2013-06-28 17.26.20

And then there are places like this.  They look amazing.  They are amazingly expensive and carry the worse food and service you have ever experienced.  Mind you, this place had several security guards and a glass elevator that took you down and around the hill to get to this little paradise.  I guess I was expecting more.

2013-06-28 16.30.40

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