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A Hunting We Will Go!

I would like to see some psychology studies on egg hunting.  So many different styles.

Over 900 eggs were hunted and I think each approach was unique.

Little Miss Gracie

Stealth: 1,000

Eggs Collected: 1

Super Powers: Eating candy through the wrapper.

MO:  Gracie finds the egg, gives it a shake and sits down to pop that puppy open and eat that candy.  Often times she seems to be wearing more than she has eaten.  Although this year, she hit a sugar coma a half hour after the party and is down at out for the count.

Annie Bananie

Stealth: 150

Eggs Collected: 28 + 5(I had her collect some for Gracie)

Efficiency: 500

MO:Banana is very methodical, moving from egg to egg.  She is efficient and fastidious in her hunting.  Maybe she has a future as a neurosurgeon…

Hudson The Adventurer

stealth: 0…unless he is hiding in a tree

Eggs Collected 28+ 15(I had him collect for Gracie)

MO: Being the adventurer and energetic one, he approaches hunting boinging here and there.  He still manages to fill his basket, but can be the victim of egg theft since he is too busy bouncing around to notice.


Stealth: 50

Eggs Collected: 0

Super Power:  Being Bossy, driving Will Crazy

MO: …Extreme love for the holidays and having crazy parties…Obsession with the kids getting enough eggs and candy.


Stealth 3,000

Eggs Collected 0

Super Powers: Avoiding the camera while rocking the polka-dot ruffle apron.  Making hundreds of awesome buttermilk pancakes and being the best husband ever!!


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