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Hey, Over Here!

Universities should start offering cat herding classes.  I feel like they would prove helpful when rearing children, specifically, in regards to snapping photos.  Honestly, that is how I feel somedays.  Especially, when I have been trying to take pictures.  Hey, look over here.  Smile. Put your hands down.  You have to smile and look over here.  You need to be facing me.  Smile.  Open your eyes.  Get your finger out of your nose.  Come back.  Where are you going?  Remember, smile.  Wait, no, stop that!  Put her down!  Well, you get the idea.

The lady that lives inside of me thinks it’s hilarious, and I am usually busting up on the inside, but blowing my cover on the outside would just encourage the chaos, so I have to pretend like this is all important and sometimes I even fake like I am upset when I am not(I know, shame on me). *sigh*  I think I just need to go back to trying to take more candids.  And yes, the above picture was to document that we did indeed have an awesome family outing to the Safari Park. Good times!  Side Note:  This is picture #8.  Yes, it  was the best picture I have from the day.

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One Response to “Hey, Over Here!”

  1. Hila says:

    I went into nursery on Sunday to take pictures of the nursery kids for the bulletin board. That was entertaining. One of them wanted to be in every picture (and would stand in front of the child I was trying to get a picture of…) and another wouldn’t look at the camera to save my life! So yes, taking pictures of kids can definitely be an adventure!