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I Quit!

…or rather Will sent me a text while I was in Hawaii that said it, “I Quit!”  This is what I looked like (see above)…I’m not sure what Will looked like.  I don’t think he took a picture of himself that day…

So the story continues…Will loved and loves working at Solar.  It has been a fabulous experience for him…but BYU came with some wonderful opportunities…so the plan was to send Will to Provo by himself to start work for the Winter semester.  He’d live there Monday thru Friday and then we would fly him home every weekend for the next 3 years.  Then the call came that he was needed earlier than expected and Fall semester needed to be the estimated time of departure.  *Deep breath* I know it sounds crazy.  It sounded crazy to me too, but I had my answer and an overwhelming feeling of peace.  There is no arguing with that.  At this point I told myself that if it wasn’t supposed to work out, it wouldn’t.  Sometimes I feel like Heavenly Father lets us be in positions like this to test our faith.  I think he wanted to know if I would really be willing to pull the trigger.  Fortunately, I never had to.  We had a floor set and if BYU dipped below  in anyway we would pull the plug on the whole thing.  Slowly, but surely everything started falling into place.  BYU insurance covered all of Gracie’s doctors as well as the insurance we had now.  We knew it would be a strain financially for a little bit, but felt this was still the correct answer.  It came down to the wire and we were waiting on one last thing.  It ended up being our one and only square peg in a round hole.  Everything else lined up but this one.  This time, we told BYU no.  Within a day or two a completely different offer landed that allowed for all of our requirements.  In retrospect, I wouldn’t have been ready for the second offer if the first offer hadn’t been bouncing around.  The first path, was only a temporary one to prepare me for the one that was meant to be.  I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful experience for growth.

As it stand now.  Will put in his resignation when I was in Hawaii and will be working for his brother at Blattman Brothers, from home, starting December 2…Gracie’s birthday.  My heart is so full as I see him close a chapter in his life to begin a new one.  I love you, Will!

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7 Responses to “I Quit!”

  1. roger says:

    So are you guys planning on moving to Texas now? Great adventure for your family. I recall getting my dream job that came out of nowhere. We can relate to what you’re feeling (But we got to stay in San Diego!!!).

  2. Jessica says:

    The plan is to stay in San Diego :)…for now…

  3. Kim B says:

    lol. When I read this I thought he was telling you he “quit” taking care of the kids while you were gone and I pictured what a sight that would have been.

  4. Jessica says:

    It was my initial thought too and until I thought it through lol

  5. Julia C says:

    Awesome! I second the notion for you to come to Texas :) preferably the Houston area :)

  6. Matt says:

    I prefer to think of it as “… working with …” rather than “… working for …” :)

  7. Will says:

    @Matt, is that like Assistant Regional Manager vs Assistant TO the Regional Manager?