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Venues of the Spirit

So there has been some extra praying and pondering at our house lately.  We have been working on some major life changes.  Of course these changes have those squeaky, little wheels in my head turning.  The Lord asks that we read our scriptures and say our prayers so that we can communicate with Him.  He can communicate with us in other ways too.  I offer this: knowing the hymns, reading the Ensign, keeping a journal and keeping our minds quiet and focused on the right course, can expedite answers to our prayers(My most recent experience involves a hymn).  He gives us these small and simple daily tasks so that we might grow closer to Him.  Our relationship with Him needs to be close enough that we can clearly recognize when He speaks.  We do these things so we may more easily receive His guidance.  By opening up our minds and hearts on a daily basis, we open up many more channels of communication from the Lord besides scriptures alone.  The more we seek the Lord, the more opportunities are presented for him  to lead, guide and direct us – constantly.  I think most days he wants to communicate with us, even if we don’t have an urgent question.  I think He wants to remind us that He loves us; among other things.
I see each one of us like a tree… We have all of these branches that have grown.  One grows from reading scriptures, one might grow from going to church, or learning a hymn, or reading the Ensign or being a good friend.  The more good things we do, the more branches are created.  Each of those branches are a connection to our Father in Heaven.  They are pathways for him to answer a question we might have or means to guide us. That being said, staying home from church, becoming angry, choosing things that are not inline with the Lord clog these pathways, or leave them dormant so they no longer work when necessary, greatly limiting the ways in which he can communicate with us.  Here goes my attempt at not being limited…or maybe just less limited than I am now.





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