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It’s 50/50

I’ve decided that any atheist in the world would reconsider his or her position after a good hike through Torrey Pines.  Nature is truly magnificent and despite popular belief, I quite enjoy being in it.  Being with my family made it perfect.  Will is such an amazing husband.  He carried Grace the whole time and had moments of carrying both Hudson and Annie as well, while taking pictures.  Best husband and packmule award ever.

Sweet little Gracie continues to bring our family closer together.

Casey is with us for awhile longer so we are trying to make the most of him visiting too.  Hopefully, we don’t embarrass him or  make him too crazy in the process.

Spending half our morning there and the other half at Slater’s 50/50 made the day even better.  The hamburgers were AMAZING!!  It was definitely worth the trip to Point Loma.  You can order off the menu or create your own piece of yummy art and name it.

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4 Responses to “It’s 50/50”

  1. Gwen says:

    What a fun day! And your posts make me miss S. Calif so much! :)

  2. blah blah fun family time.. wow casey is huge. OK – where did you get the swimsuit lady? Thats all I saw between the lines. 😉

    OK not really, looks like a beautiful day, but the swimsuit. spill!

  3. Jessica says:

    @Sandi, I know, it’s a one piecer… I offer a word of caution. I think they are so cute, but the fit isn’t very comfortable. I could be getting used to modest swimwear, but still…I like the way Athleta’s feel much better. BTW, we need to chat! :)

  4. Kim B. says:

    I love Annie’s beer belly and her hair is getting so long. It has recovered from the multiple times she has cut it in her lifetime.