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Be Skinless, Be Fearless…Just Run!

So I ran a race with some girlfriends last Saturday.  We had so much fun!  There was some crazy rain and hail right before/after and some wicked wind during.  What a beautiful race in Mission Bay!

Now for the confession…are you worried?  I need to take running more seriously, or maybe just races.  There might have been a point in the race where I stopped to tie my shoe and then turn around to chat with someone behind me.  That said person did go on to take 1st place in her group.  Wahoo, Michelle!  Regardless, it was a delightful day to start the day.  Of course to reward ourselves at the end, for all 4 of us finishing in the top 10 of our heat, we promptly went to a cute litte coffee shop for some warm beverages and then to Sprinkles for the frosted gloriousness that resides in a well-made cupcake.

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