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A Munching Strolling Date

I’m starting to think that I might not really like Mexican food or perhaps all my tastebuds are dying so I crave savory food.  We started at Jimmy Carter’s for our Bite San Diego Tour in Hillcrest.  What a great date!  Quesadillas, tostados, and calamares tacos.  We walked about 15 blocks, hitting up 6 restaurants; learned a little history of Hillcrest and made some new friends in the process.

Local Habit What pizza can be complete without caramelized onion deliciousness?!  Will and I have had multiple conversations revolving around breweries and their ridiculous ability to have AMAZING food!  I swore I would be back for the Gouda Mac and Cheese.

Empirehouse  was once two little houses that have come together to delight us with food we love with a fun twist, not to mention the owners are fabulous.  It will see a reunion tour from us sometime soon.  The BBQ Bacon Burger casters with the red-miso sauce were so savory.

Brazen BBQ  OH my goodness!  I have not been so happy to have brisket and pulled pork in such a long time.  The owner wasn’t kidding when he talked about ribbons of flavor.  There is no surprise that they have won national BBQ competitions.  Watch out Texas!

Kona Coffee Shop  had a huge variety of delicious sounding coffees, but since I don’t do coffee, not to mention, I have enough perky without the coffee, I opted for a hazelnut steamer with whip.

Will was skeptical of the  Lotus Cafe…you know it being organic, vegan and vegetarian.  It was the trifecta of everything Will has no interest in food-wise.  Those are all swear words by his standards.    What a pleasant surprise.  We enjoyed carrot smoothies, hummus with pita bread and chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting.  We agreed each was delightful, even if the carrot smooth tasted suspiciously like pumpkin pie.

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One Response to “A Munching Strolling Date”

  1. Hila says:

    You and Will go on the coolest dates!