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The Calm After the Storm

It’s not uncommon to see me rebel when it comes to setting goals at the New Year.  I don’t like setting goals for the sake of setting goals.  I see it as wasteful and I’m convinced that most New Year’s goals fail because of the haste in which they are conceived.  Intentions and hearts are true, but reality is what it is and unfortunately, a lot of putts just don’t drop.  Regardless, the holidays did manage to chew me up and spit me out a bit this year so I welcomed the boxing day.  All of the ornaments back in their 11 month hibernations and all the trimmings safely tucked away for another December were met with a sigh of relief.  In the quiet days that followed, I finally felt like making A goal.

4 Weeks Previous on an Icy Roady in Denver…

While discussing missionary work with my brother, I had a very clear thought.  It was more of a question really.  Why am I here?  I can answer that question with a myriad of answers.  I am here to get a body.   I am here because I’m thirsty and I wanted some orange juice.  I can’t honestly remember why I’m here, I think I needed something from the pantry(man does this all too common moment make me feel decades older than I am)…I’m here to take and pass a test.  I’m here so I can live with my Father again someday.  

Naturally, I cannot ask myself one of the Big 3 questions and not hear the other 2 bouncing around in my head waiting to be answered.  Why am I here?  Where am I going?  How am I going to get there?  It was at this point, my goal began to take form.  I want to ask myself as many fundamental questions as I can about the gospel this year and keep them in a journal…a conversion journal if you will.  I’m hoping these missionary questions will guide me in my scripture study.  I’m assuming some will be answered in a day or less of study and others could have page after page of references and thoughts.  I kept a journal last year when I was studying scriptures and it made the world of difference.  So off I go…

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One Response to “The Calm After the Storm”

  1. Jessica Smith says:

    Jessica, Thank you for your post. I really needed to read this. You are such a great example.