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Keeping it Together

This weekends’ activities have been patiently lining themselves up for weeks now.  Saturday morning hit and they came stampeding toward us something crazy.  Hudson’s soccer game found us cheering and screaming right until the final whistle.  This left us just enough time to swing home, costume the kids and head over to the school Fall Festival.


One finger painting, several ring tosses, one giant pink princess sceptor, 3 trips through the haunted house and I don’t know how many tickets later, the kids skipped to the car, candy bags in hand; gathering energy for the rest of the day.



Our last stop was La Mesa for a Pumpkins on the Patio Party.  Will wowed the crowd with his pumpkin carving skills and the odd smell/shape of the pumpkin he brought.  Cantaloupe…it smelled like a mix of cantaloupe and cucumbers.  Lots of people took seeds so La Mesa may be harvesting some pretty gnarly pumpkins next fall.



This is the scene I found after waking up Sunday morning.  I made the following condition Saturday evening: “Any children who want to carve pumpkins tomorrow must first eat breakfast.  WE will carve pumpkins AFTER breakfast.”

Clearly, they took the “WE” to mean, “Hudson and Annie.” I was caught on a technicality.  Hudson made both of them toast for breakfast.  They ate it and then headed to the patio for more pumpkin carving.  They did use the carving kit so no sharp knives were used.

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