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“Fight or Flight”

Will and I slipped out for a Halloween double date a few days ago.  The Haunted Hotel ranks #13 for best Haunted Houses in the country.  So naturally, that’s where we headed.  I don’t scare very easily and my “fight or flight” response tends to heavily favor, fight.  Will can testify of that.  Let’s just say he doesn’t try to jump out from dark corners in our house as much anymore to try and startle me.

The hotel takes points on originality and creativity for sure.  They didn’t get any screams out of me, but they had a poor guy in our group screaming in Spanish most of the time while huddled with the 2 girls he came with.  They seemed legitimately scared.

All that screaming everyone did worked up an appetite so we wandered the Gas Lamp District until we happened upon Lou and Mickey’s .  It was at this point in the evening, sitting out on the patio, my love affair with key lime pie flared something huge.

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