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Shoeper Dooper!

I’m pretty sure that Badgley Mischka has become my new favorite shoe company!  I was wandering down aisles of shoes on our recent trip to Arizona and every pair that I picked up were all the same designer.  I could hear them whispering my name as I passed.  There was a point where I had 8 pair I had gathered from random spots.  I was able to restrain myself somewhat and only get one pair!

Regardless, I picked up a purse and some other odds and ends for some relatively, awesome prices.  I did learn a little bit about myself on this trip to Last Chance.  I found that I greatly dislike this type of shopping.  I don’t find it enjoyable searching through mounds of stuff trying to find a good deal.  I know I really like something and need it when I’m willing to pay full price for it(On a side note, I do prefer sales).  Sometimes I end up with stuff I don’t really want or need when it’s a great deal.  I know this is a HUGE flaw of mine…poor, poor, Will!

I also came to a point where I was swinging between feeling really anxious and wanting to laugh.  The clutter of everything and the amount of people were making me feel a little claustrophobic.  Within 30 seconds of me walking into the store, 3 women were kicked out for fighting over handbags and one was being hunted by security because she was hiding with one of the handbags she took from the others.  Gold star goes to the husband of the prego lady standing next to me.  After the ladies were all kicked out, no one was around so he picked up the bag they were fighting over and brought it to his wife…smart man!  Either way, nothing, that’s right, not even you, you little, cute Valentino is worth fighting over with another grown woman.  Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m long past my 3rd birthday – not fits here.  Either way, it was a fun trip and I found some great stuff!  Thanks Negin!

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2 Responses to “Shoeper Dooper!”

  1. Emily says:

    You showed great restraint. Love the smart husband and the fight over a purse. It makes me think of Confessions of a Shopaholic. I love that movie

  2. Michelle says:

    Hilarious – I haven’t seen that third pair from the pic yet ! I buy things I don’t need on sale too sometimes (hello marshalls) but I’ve also purchased things i would never have dared pay full price for that I end up loving enough to pay 3 x what I did :)