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America, America, God Shed His Grace On Thee…

The 4th of July is a GLORIOUS day!!  I love that we get a day to celebrate our freedom and all of those who have died keeping our country free.  It really is a HUGE deal!  Sometimes I feel like many of us take it for granted.  The words seem almost trite as they leave some lips.  I would celebrate more often, but I don’t ever want to come off prideful or have anyone think I’m ever concerning myself with which country is better or worse.  Most days I just have a huge, but quiet, inside my head, kind of celebration.  I just LOVE America!!  I have lived enough places in my life to know that I truly LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it here!!  We are blessed!

So when the 4th rolls around every year, I love for everyone to be spangled to show their appreciation for their country.  It’s on outside manifestation of the gratitude I feel for all of those soldiers out there defending today!

Our 4th took us from Coronado for a 5k run(Brian placed 36 out of almost 1,000, needless to say, he left me in the dust.  I was in the 200s). to Old Poway Park for an Old Fashioned 4th – gunslingers included.  Who doesn’t want to be a part of a good old fashioned train robber, some great band stand music…or enjoy a quilt museum?!  Looking at the detail on those things make my fingers ache and I haven’t ever made a quilt.

It was fun bumping into familiar faces who helped make this 4th of July happen(I won’t mention names so as to not splatter people all over my blog).  But their hard work didn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated!

I’m so glad  my sister, Heidi, Shane and Colson could be here to celebrate with us!

By the end of the day, Gracie looked the way I felt.  You might laugh, but it was the truth.


What a great day!

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3 Responses to “America, America, God Shed His Grace On Thee…”

  1. Emily says:

    What a great fun day. Your kids look super excited to have their pictures taken

  2. Kathy Nielson says:

    We love you and your family. Thanks for letting an old soldier and our family use your place to hang out on the 4th..

  3. Hila says:

    Love all the pictures! The firecrackers on Annie’s cheeks look cute!