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Praise to the Man…

(Yes, I know the picture is ugly, but it was merely meant to be functional)

I have had a few requests for a Sharing Time I did a few weeks ago so here we go.  The song is tricky mainly due to the extensive vocabulary one needs, to understand the lyrics of the song.  The 2011 Primary Program asks that you teach the 1st and 3rd verse.

Verse 1

For Junior Primary:  You can approach this verse from a great detective or spy point of view.  Tell them you are going to learn a song that is written in a type of code.  You could even come dressed in a trench coach and fidora, bringing in a huge magnifying glass.

I went line by line explaining what each vocabulary word means.  Praise = celebrate,  Man= Joseph Smith, Communed = talked with, Jehovah = Jesus, etc.  So this is a song celebrating Joseph Smith because he talked with Jesus. We practiced singing it a few words at a time. (i.e. – Praise to the man[sung 5 times in a row], followed by:  who communed with Jehovah[sing 5 times in a row], we then put the 2 together.)  15 minutes and they were golden!

For Senior Primary:  We read parts of D&C 135.  They were a little shocked with the details of the martyrdom.  We discussed the importance Joseph Smith had in the restoration.  I asked them to explain the vocabulary for me.  We then sang line by line, building until we got the whole thing(I used longer phrases here than I did with Junior Primary).

Verse 3

For Senior Primary:  I made the word search ahead of time and hid 1-2 words from each phrase of the song.  Notice the actual words are in a different color.  This may seem too easy, but when you only have 15 minutes to teach a song, you don’t want things to be tricky, just to appear that way.

I would feed the song to the kids line by line.  Line 1:  Great is his GLORY. The word you are looking for is GLORY.  Put your finger in the air once you have found it.  I would repeat, “Great is his glory,” over and over until all fingers were in the air and I eventually called on a kid to come and circle the word. That way as they were searching, they were hearing the lyrics over and over again not necessarily realizing their brain was processing and remembering while they were searching.  We then wrote the word on the side starting a list.  Once the word was found we sung that line 3-5 times.

We continued in this manner for the other lines.  Once the second line was learned, we sang it 3-5 times and then sang line 1 and line 2 together.  Once we learned the 3rd line, we sang the 3rd line 3-5 times and then sang lines 1, 2 & 3 together.  By the end of the time we had built the entire song.  The chorus was already learned from the first verse so the 3rd verse was easily learned and memorized in one Singing Time session.  When we are singing and working with rote we go fast and I make sure there is no down time.  We are singing the entire time.  If you take time between repetitions the kids get bored and everything WILL fall apart.

*Hint* Every time I have to make poster-size items, especially ones that I plan on throwing away, I just use the back of old wrapping paper.

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One Response to “Praise to the Man…”

  1. Melanie says:

    I miss seeing you work with the kids in Primary. You are so great with them!