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Sweetheart Bouquet

Every Valentines or Mother’s Day I would have my students make bouquets for their moms.  And who doesn’t want a flower made from hearts?!  Truth be told, there are a million ways to make tissue paper flowers.  I found this particular flower was super simple for the little guys with minimal supplies.  Not to mention they get to practice cutting.  I will be keeping my comments short.  Showing is easier than explaining…and often times significantly more helpful.

This is all you need.

Make the hearts whatever size you’d like.  Just keep in mind that the size of the heart is about half the width of the flower it will make.

Pile the green ones on first for the leaves.  4 seems to work nicely.  We skewer the hearts closer to the point for maximum usage of the heart.

Skewer those red hearts.  If you are trying to save on tissue paper, 6-8 hearts is sufficient.  The more hearts, the more body your flower will have.  I usually put on about 12.  Make sure you leave about an half inch of pipe cleaner after they are all on.

After they are all on there, fold or curl the pipe cleaner down the center to prevent hearts from coming off.  Then you can pinch or squish.  I prefer to pinch.  My kids prefer to squish.

There you go.

My classes always made a dozen flowers, but I find that 6-8 still gives an adequate bouquet.


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2 Responses to “Sweetheart Bouquet”

  1. Bethany says:

    Such a cute idea! We love looking at your blog Mrs. Blattman :)
    Hey are your in-laws missionaries in the Philadelphia area? I think they are in our ward. I need to ask them. Small world if they are. They are super nice folks. They teach institute.

  2. Jessica says:

    Yes, Bethany! That is them! We love them too! I’m glad you got to meet them!