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Going for a Trot

So Hudson’s school does a trot this time every year to pay for our P.E. teacher.  Since funds have been cut, it’s a pretty important fundraiser.  I am being ambiguous about the actual name of it and his school since my site is public – just in case there is a crazy or two reading.  Anyway, Hudson did great and ran his little heart out.  They had music blaring to keep the kids going as well as their mascot running along.  Parents lined part of the course to cheer them on.  I tried to catch a picture of him several times, but once I realized it was him, he was passed me in a blur.  A big thank-you to Hudson’s sponsors.  He was so proud to have some!

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One Response to “Going for a Trot”

  1. Melanie says:

    He looks like he is totally into the run! What a great thing for the kids to know that they are working so that they can have a PE teacher.