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Rock On! Go Team Ninnymuggins!

We took the kids to the Stake Center grass for a little family game of football.  Gracie held the position of cheerleader/crowd.  The kids know the basics, but apparently that isn’t enough to get a game going.  We played girls versus boys of course.  Annie hiked the ball as well as played the roll of Wide Receiver.  Each down I found myself picking her up and repositioning her.  I’m pretty sure by the end of the game she had accidentally hiked the ball to everyone, but me.  She did make up for things in her running game though.  Let’s just say the game was pretty low scoring for the girls.  We had so much fun as a family even though we don’t make much of a football team.  And no, I’m not making any sort of announcement.  I’m guessing the kids are going to need some real sports teams in the future to help things out a bit.

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One Response to “Rock On! Go Team Ninnymuggins!”

  1. Michelle says:

    um, those are the cutest little shoes over. Gracie is such a cutie-pie, it’s crazy that makes Fox look so old! I love playing sports with the kids, they don’t even care what happens when mom and dad are playing with them :)