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Bees were Buzzing

The other day at Disney the entrance of Tomorrowland found us face to face with a swarm of angry bees.  At first, I couldn’t figured out what they were.  They looked like tiny bubbles until I noticed they were dive bombing those oblivious to them.  Will was trying to push me through them and I flipped out.  I think he thought they were just a bit of Disney magic or something.  Regardless, I refused and found an alternate pathway.  At that moment I was thinking with that many bees; I can’t believe I wasn’t stung. That was mistakes #1.  Mistake #2 came yesterday.  We were in the new house and Annie dumps a cup of sand into it.  As I came bounding out of the house…shoeless, my foot met a little bee and the bee would say I won, but not without a latch ditch-effort stinging from the bee.  In my book, he won.

For those of you not aware, I am VERY allergic to bees.  The last stinging resulted in various hallucinations, lethargy, and my tongue swelling.  I do have an epi-pen that expired awhile back and a new one that has been waiting for me in the pharmacy for several months now.   Oops!  I went into quite the panic when I realized I was stung and had found myself in a puddle of my own tears pondering my impending doom.  Do I drive myself and risk choking on my own tongue or maybe puking in the car?  A friend came to the rescue, dropping me off and sweeping my children away.  Long story – short.  I was stung…I got a fabulous cocktail of steroids, antihistamines and an assortment of other things I can’t pronounce IV style, which resulted in a 2 hour peaceful and quiet nap in a hospital bed with a heated blanket.  I got all hooked up to a monitor with various electrodes…I think that was to avoid the impending doom.  And, I didn’t die!  It was a good day.

Side note: Scary experience…blessed to be minimally inconvenienced…thankful for a healthy body…not really a drama queen, it’s just fun to write that way sometimes.

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8 Responses to “Bees were Buzzing”

  1. Jessica says:

    Wow, never a dull moment :) I am glad you are okay. Very, very scary.

  2. bryn says:

    Glad you are okay! That is scary. You would never know today with your awesome music skills in primary. The kids LOVE you! I love your roller coaster – definitely the highlight of my day. What would we ever do without you?

  3. maren says:

    Holy smokes, that is crazy!! What an eventful day for you, I can’t believe that happened! on a side note, I have to agree with Bryn, when I was visiting primary a couple weeks ago I couldn’t believe how well you had junior primary singing, I looked at Brandy and told her in all the 3 years I was in there, no one ever got them to sing and you have them belting at the top of their lungs. Kudos for your mad teaching skills!

  4. Cyndi says:

    So I was blog stalking on Jessica Smiths on came across yours! I spent a good amount of time perusing through your thoughts. I have to say I was touched. Thanks for your words. They meant a great deal to me tonight especially your post “At What Cost”. It’s refreshing to see real honest emotions. On a side note….Brent went on at length at how well behaved your kids were in Sacrament when we sat behind you a few weeks ago. I haven’t heard him give such high praise in a long time. We are kinda anal about it and for him to even give any praise for that, is amazing. I just thought you should know! Thanks for your open blog and for letting me stalk!

  5. Melanie says:

    Yikes! I’m glad everything turned out okay. I’m hoping you didn’t see the huge swarm of bees in the tree out in front of the church on Sunday. I’m also hoping they’re gone before next Sunday.

  6. Hila says:

    Okay so I had no idea you were allergic to bees! So glad you are okay and that you were able to get pumped up with all the stuff to ward off the bee stuff ;). What an experience!

  7. Bethany says:

    Wow! How scary!! I could just visualize Will shoving you out of the way at Disneyland. I’m so glad your okay and actually a nap with a heated blanket doesn’t sound too bad :)

  8. Lisa Foster says:

    I am so glad that you are okay! I guess the bright side was a nice nap at the hospital. I am worried that Kenna might be allergic to bees. She swells up really bad every time she just gets a bug bite.