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All Things Spiritual

We’ve gotten stricter with the kids as of late and they are no longer allowed to have snacks or toys and may now only draw after the sacrament.  During announcements today Hudson asked when he could draw.  Will responded by telling him he had to wait until after the sacrament.  Between sacrament prayers, we glance over to see Hudson drawing.  After further investigation, we notice that Hudson is not drawing like he promised, but rather, drawing a giant check in a box he had carefully placed next to a drawing of a little piece of bread.  Turning to Will he comments, “”Bread – done!”  As you may have guessed he did have a water cup and a box drawn below that.  Checklists to pass the time hmmmm…we aren’t quite sure what we think about that just yet.

Things Hudson has been thankful for in his prayers lately:

that we can say, “amen”

President Hinckley and President Monson (he doesn’t care that President Hinckley has pass)

thankful that we can sit in our chairs, close our eyes and not talk during the prayer

Side note:  We have never done this in our prayers to attempt stopping misbehavior during the prayer.  This is all him.

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One Response to “All Things Spiritual”

  1. Ashley says:

    From the mouth of babes… too funny. Dan’s been upset lately that in Calli’s prayers she says, “thanks for Luke, thanks for Calli, thanks for Mommy, thanks for Daddy’s job…” No thanks for Daddy, just his $.