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Pop Pop Sizzle


I realized all too late Friday night that we had run out of popcorn. We are huge fans of it in our house. I usually buy the big 24 packs that seem to last forever so I never realize when we finally run out.   Either way, I had both kids snuggled on the couch with pillows and blankets ready to watch a movie when I noticed the popcorn dilemma. My attempt at redeeming myself had me digging in my pantry for the old school popcorn bag, oil and salt.  The popcorn didn’t take too long to pop and the constant shaking of the pan wasn’t even a bother.  I actually loved the taste of it.  I can’t help but wonder if that was due to the fact that things are always better when you know you have worked for them.  This just may become a bit of a weekend tradition for us.

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6 Responses to “Pop Pop Sizzle”

  1. Lisa Foster says:

    We love popcorn at our house too! I always buy the economy size popcorn from Costco wich indulges me in my bad habit. I like the movie theatre butter kind. I have never popped some on the stove before. I should give it a try!

  2. Michelle says:

    I love fresh popped popcorn – I always air pop my popcorn (you’d be surprised how hard it is to find an air popper, apparently it is a seasonal item at back to school time, go figure).. this post really reminds me of my grandma who used to pop huge amounts of popcorn on her stove and then put all the little batches into a giant bowl and make caramel corn out of it.. nummy..

  3. Dad says:

    The popcorn will pop larger the higher the water content in the kernal. Soooo, the fresher the popcorn from the store the bigger the pop!

  4. Gwen says:

    Mmmm– I love popping corn the “old fashioned” way! :)

  5. Hila says:

    I have to say I’ve always loved air-popped popcorn. My mom always made that kind growing up. I never did it on the stove (though I’ve seen Rachael Ray do it many a time and it looks cool). Mmmmm… Air popped popcorn sounds really good now :).

  6. Kim Miller says:

    We love fresh made popcorn!!! Love your dad’s tip!