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Highway Robbery


I’d like to claim highway robbery when it comes to Hudson and his teeth.  Within a week of the first tooth he lost, his second one wiggle, jiggled free and fell out during his last baseball practice.  There is nothing like running onto the field, getting down on all fours and searching relentlessly in the middle of a baseball practice for a 4 year old’s lost tooth.  My diligence paid off and we found the tooth, just to be lost in the car on the way home.  I can’t say that I didn’t try.  Once again the tooth fairy finds us writing her another letter explaining how we lost the other tooth.  I think after a while, she may just claim neglegence and not pay.  Doesn’t she need the teeth to build her house…or something like that?!  I guess we will just have to see when tooth #3 comes around.

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