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Dance, Dance Revolution

     Apparently I stink at DDR (Will was so nice and told me I did great.  I am not blind, therefore I know the truth.  Just imagine if I asked Will’s opinion on singing.  He would be so nice and tell me I sounded good.  I would be one of those people you laugh at on the tryout of American Idol and wonder why no one ever nicely told them that rock stardom just might not be for them.  I do appreciate his kindness – thanks Will).  I tried for the first time over the weekend and was beyond aweful.  You’d think with the dance that I have done over the years that I would be able to fair well.  

     Maybe you have seen some of the little kids on these.  They are amazing!  They could have danced circles around me.  I guess I will have to try again the next time I’m around one and see if I do any better.

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4 Responses to “Dance, Dance Revolution”

  1. Sara says:

    Um…all I can remember is that…girl you got the moves!!! I still remember us choreographing the dance in your apt…ah the the good ol’days!

  2. Ashley says:

    DDR and all that is much harder than it looks– and harder than dancing in general. It seems like there is another whole element when you add the visual screen coordination with everything else.

  3. Kassi says:

    Oh yes… you should try it on the wii, you have to coordinate it with your hands as well.

  4. We love DDR! The kids beg for it all the time (ours is on the old xbox)