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Tribute to Sakaguwea

Amber and I are morning running buddies.  Can I just say that some days are easier than others to peel myself out of my warm, cozy bed.   We are no where near pro status, but we have fun.  We decided on trying out a 5K Turkey Trot in Oceanside for Thanksgiving this year.  I’m claiming it as my first 5k since the last time I ran one was over a decade ago.  I have had a cold all week and it made a turn for the worst on Thanksgiving so basically I just wanted to finish and not die.  The run was beautiful with the last part of the race along the shoreline to the pier.

The race did encourage costumes, but since I am so aerodynamic I decided against it, not wanting any wind resistance.    Well, my buns fell off…or I mean “out” part way through the race allowing me to harness my inner Sakaguwea through the pigtails.  

Just look at us running.  I am a little blurry, I must have been running fast, right?  Apparently, we suprised our husbands too with our speediness and actually beat them to the finish line.  

I won’t deny that I am one lucky gal.  It was so fun seeing them cheer us on throughout the race.  I love family!

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8 Responses to “Tribute to Sakaguwea”

  1. Kim says:

    Congratulations! I am impressed. I am dying after 2 miles. Looks like fun.

  2. Dan says:

    What’s all the stuff around your waist? Looks like extra weight. You could have smoked your running partner if you didn’t carry a diaper bag. Will is not a good dad if you have to carry a diaper bag. Did you have to stop and change diapers while he took pictures?

    PS Kim says your skinny.

  3. Will says:

    I tried to talk her out of taking the pack. She insisted on needing the water bottles and didn’t realize that they have tables of water cups as the race goes.

  4. Kim W. says:

    This is so impressive. You guys look awesome!!! I never would have guessed you were sick!

  5. Jessica says:

    @ Dan It was initially supposed to be a nice walk, but we were feeling good, otherwise I wouldn’t have had a pack. What you don’t see in the pictures is me running to Will and flinging him the pack so I didn’t have to lug it around anymore. Those pictures were pretty funny.

  6. Jenny says:

    You two are incredible! I have to admit that when you said your buns were falling off, I immediately thought, “How did she rip her pants?” Then I realized those were not the buns you were talking about!

  7. Michelle says:

    How come you guys both look so cute? A nice walk turned into 32 minutes – impressive!

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