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My Thanksgiving

Tis the season, right?  Fall is my favorite time of year.  I think I love it so much because it is the gateway into the holiday season.  Everyone seems to be a little bit nicer…although for others the holidays seem to bring out the worst (I have see some of the nastiness that is Black Friday!)

Before I stuff myself on Thursday and then lay on the couch for a few days waiting for it all to digest, I figured I would take a moment of silent gratitude.  With the state of “things,” gripes tend to be the 1st thing out of so many mouths.  Really, I still feel like we have so much.

After all, I do get to be with my cute little family for the holidays and great friends.  I’m married to the perfect person for me.  Boy does he help me grow!  Will has a great job and I get to finally stay home with my kiddos.  I still live in a free country, even if some days it feels like it is hanging by a thread.  I have a home where I feel safe and so many new friends that have made California wonderful.  I’m so grateful for old friends that have helped shaped my life.  My family is all safe, healthy and in good working order…mostly(I know it sounds a little like a used car ad).  My parents still care about me and I get to talk to them on a regular basis.  Hudson is potty trained 99% of the time and Annie is now talking.  My kids sleep through the night.  Natural disaster has steered clear of my front door for the time being.  Truly, I am in heaven.

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