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Maren was nice enough to let me practice my picture taking on her family.  This was the park she chose.  I had fun and she has such an adorable family.  Her boys are darling.  I got their a few minutes early and wandered around a bit.  

I’ve noticed that moving to a new place always requires a bit of settling time to grow accustom to one’s surroundings and the people in it.  The people here are easy to love and very welcoming.  I did realize today that the surroundings have taken a bit longer.  I almost feel like things that I loved to do in the past have gone into hibernation…I have forgotten them.  Being outside today in such a quietly, serene atmosphere reminded me of how much I love being outdoors(Most people are shocked that I enjoy the great outdoors and the mud.  I think it stems from a dad that refused to let his little girl be ignorant to nature and survival).  I was hit with a wall of flooding memories -camping, rock climbing, fishing, hiking and the nightly walks Will and I would take when we were first married.

I guess its time to wake up some of those hibernating loves and give them an occasional nod or even a part in my life again.  Life changes and we grow.  Day by day we, ourselves are changed through those experiences we collect.  I just hope I can always be changing for the better.

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One Response to “Hibernation…”

  1. Kim says:

    The train track was a big hit with Henry. He is a train fanatic.