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Hats for Hudson Part II

I’m usually not one for things that have been overly commercialized.  The walk through Party City confirmed this feeling so I decided to make hats this year for Hudson’s birthday.  These hats were partially inspired from Hudson’s tithing boxes and my best friend from high school, Sandi.  Sandi has never been afraid to just try to do something or one to shy away from color or boldness(I hope your not offended, Sandy:)  They only took maybe 5 minutes each to make. 

We were babysitting for our good friends so I got to make 4.  I love it when everyone gets something just a little big different.

Even the little girls were good to wear their hats.  Actually, they tried to wear the older kids’ hats too.  Isn’t that what being a little sister is all about?

P.S.- Sorry Matt, I stole your blog title.  It was just too fitting.  All the credit goes to you!



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3 Responses to “Hats for Hudson Part II”

  1. Kim says:

    I love them! We will have to make hats for New Years. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Offended? Me-of being claimed to like color? Never! Super cute hats!!


  3. Lisa Foster says:

    What a fun idea! The girls look so darling in their hats. I can’t believe how grown up Annie is looking. It is crazy that are baby girls are almost two!