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Superheros to the Rescue!!

So I secretly want to be a superhero.  When I was younger I walked around most of my life thinking I was indestructable (That feeling now only occasionally favors me with its presence).  Of course the Heroes show is just feeding my dillusions.  I’m amazed each week at the introduction of new super powers.  The writers are so creative.  All of these thoughts have led me to wander down an interesting path cognitively.  What power would I have?  I was joking with Will the other day telling him that I should have eyes that glow red and burn through or melt things.  Honestly, if I could chose, that probably wouldn’t be my power.  Maybe I would fly or be really quick.  Can you imagine having all of your chores done for the day in a few minutes?  Oh well, I have been dealing with the notion that I am infact NOT a superhero, but can’t a girl dream?

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2 Responses to “Superheros to the Rescue!!”

  1. Dan says:

    Does this Heroes have a hero that can vomit explosives? That was always my favorite short lived character from X-Factor.

    Sometimes I stare at people and say to them “You’re lucky I don’t have telekinetic powers.” Then I concentrate really hard and whisper, “Then again maybe I do…”

  2. Kim Miller says:

    What kind of power would I want….speed. To get to one place super fast, or clean super fast….and all at the same time have lots of energy! Can you imagine the calories I could burn…..hhhmmmmm