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“You Dig Holes For Character!”

I found great pleasure in digging holes on our most recent trip to the beach.  As I began digging in the sand I was greeted with a swirling mix of reminiscence and achievement.  It feels good to dig in the sand and have a hole slowly grow before your eyes.  After all, I did have high hopes as a little girl to be the first kid to actually dig to China!  Did anyone else think they would be that lucky kid?  Engineers aren’t allowed to answer that question…I’m sure you all laughed at people like me thinking, “Go ahead sister, 26 miles of crust until the fun really begins!”

Anyway, as I continued to dig I saw my escapade in the dirt transpire as a few reminders of life’s lessons.

1. Once I set a goal to dig a hole or anything else for that matter, get it done and do it well (Will your next – just kidding).  Your best is all you have to give so it HAS to be good enough!

2.  Don’t give up, even when a kid kicks sand in your hole or attempts to collapse your underground tunneling system…Annie!  Just keep digging! (Notice the loving restraint I implore to keep our “troll” bridge safe?  Can you see her eying the bridge with the lust of a cannonball?)

3.  Let other people dig with me.  Life is always more fun when you have company…even if you do finish a little behind schedule and with sand in places it should never be!

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3 Responses to ““You Dig Holes For Character!””

  1. Matt says:

    That’s why I’m in mining, I dig big holes, drive big Tonka toys and play with explosives. It’s your scenario on steroids!

  2. Jim says:

    I enjoy reading your posts. Keep it up.

  3. Kim says:

    Sister’s reply to this was, “Great Traps!”. Watch out for her. She is a sneaky one.