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Don’t Let the Flag Stray too Far!


We went to La Jolla on Saturday for a ward activity.  They said look for the umbrellas.  Consequently…we never found them.  We found plenty of umbrellas, but no ward members.  Will almost didn’t find us either.

La Jolla is a popular spot for tourists and all of the university kids.  Parking is near impossible so Will kicked Hudson and I out and said, “Whatever you do, don’t stray more than 100 feet from the flag.”  Simple enough instruction.  He never said anything about not letting the flag stray from us!  I knew we could make it down the beach and back before Will found parking so we ventured off.  We were about a city block away from the flag when I decided we had better turn around.  I look back and no flag.  I wondered how far we had really gone if I couldn’t see the flag.  I remembered the lifeguard tower the flag was by and started to head back and then stopped.  Turning back around, clearly confused, I see the flag about 100 feet from were I was standing-in front of me.  I would have wondered what kind of hallucinogens Will had dropped in my cereal that morning except I noticed the lifeguards shoveling sand to hold the flag in place.  I think the lifeguards get bored and move the flags at random.

Alas, the following frantic “in my head” conversation followed.  Do I meet Will where the flag used to be by the lifeguard tower or a block down where it is now located? Maybe I should try for somewhere in between.  Or maybe…I shouldn’t worry about finding him and just go play with Hudson(extreme guilt accompaniment).  He will eventually find us.

Lucky for me I happened to glance back and spot him during my internal struggle.  Note to self: movable landmarks should be avoided at all costs…especially when the landscape looks the same in both directions!!

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