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Charmed I’m Sure!


Will and I had one of the best dates ever!!  We went to Seaport Village down in the harbor.  He took me to this great restaurant out on the pier.  It’s a fun feeling eating over the water.  To Will’s disappointment I did not enjoy the Calamari, fish, shrimp or any other sea food he made me try.  Please, no one tell me I just haven’t had it fresh.  I swear I could see hooks hanging out the back of the restaurant.  I was good with the 1/2 pounder and fries.  That’s right, I ate the whole thing!
It wasn’t dinner that got me, but walking around the village made me feel like I was in the closing scene of a chick flick.  You know the part where if the main characters had mind bubbles they would read,  “I think I love you so what am I so afraid of…”  Cute cobblestone streets were lined with charming specialty shops.  A mystic was juggling and swallowing flaming swords.  The live music helped with ambiance.  We found an awesome hat store that made me think Will and I should have been born in the 40s or prior.  We are considering Bonnie and Clyde as our Halloween duo this year.
Due to the photographers curse Will couldn’t be in the date picture with me so I found this nice chap to stand in for him.  There is a slight resemblance, yes?  Okay, so maybe not.  I had to pay him an undisclosed amount money to pose like that though.
In this pirate store we picked up a little bag of treasure for Hudson.  We told him it was pirate booty.  Boy was he confused!!  We are still laughing about it.

There’s nothing like a great date!

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One Response to “Charmed I’m Sure!”

  1. Kim says:

    The only difference I see between this guy and Will is the pirate has a chin. Will already has the hair.