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Life’s a Beach

I have officially scarred one of my children (again) and will forever feel guilty…at least until she isn’t scared of the ocean anymore.  Poor Annie had an intense encounter with the waves this last week during playgroup.  I’m watching both kids and of course they aren’t in the same spot so I am constantly doing the head swivel.  Annie: playing by edge of waves – check.  Hudson:playing in waves – check.  Annie – standing ankle deep in water and splashing – check.  Hudson – throwing wet sand at other kids Hudson, stop throwing sand. – check.  Annie – toppling over after huge, unexpected wave hits (mom closes distance with lightening speed – special mom powers)…but not fast enough.  Mom reaching for Annie as she is rolling with the two following waves.  Lesson learned: 10 feet is too far away from Annie, even if she isn’t in the water.  As you can see from this picture, Annie now runs and panics at the sight of any wave.


“Life’s a beach,” I tell her.  She now sticks to the sand and it sticks to her and life is good.


Hudson I have not scarred, yet.  He loves the beach and the waves.  Building sand castles, being buried and chasing waves is his style.  His blonde streaked hair and his tan has him fitting in with the natives.


Sometimes the waves do the chasing.


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3 Responses to “Life’s a Beach”

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  2. Kim says:

    Love it!!!!!!

  3. Pilar says:

    Thanks for writing this.