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Free the Grapefruit!

Annie figured out how to open the fridge this week.  In doing so she now has quite the fondness for grapefruit.  I’m sure this is due to the fact that it was the ONLY piece of fruit in the crisper. None the less, I was constantly finding her cuddling the grapefruit on the couch or hiding it in various locations around the house.  Returning the piece of fruit to the fridge each time did not seem to deter her.  She seemed to know when it was back in the fridge and would set off to free the grapefruit once again.  It wasn’t until a quiet moment in her room that I understood the significance of the grapefruit as she cood the word, “Baby.”  After that the grapefruit never caught sight of the fridge again.  I didn’t have the heart.

Naturally,  yesterday it ended up with a fuzzy navel, ha!  It found the trash can and I finally went out and bought Annie her first Cabbage Patch Baby.  I forgot amid the the piles of trucks, Legos and cars that maybe my baby girl would like a doll of her own.

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