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Dirt, Mosquitoes and Children…oh my!


I haven’t been camping for ages and was starting to wonder if I still had it in me. The annual ward camp out found us at beautiful Heise Park. I absolutely loved it. I suppose camping just a day and a night is a good way to ease back into the “great outdoors.” Although, I seriously question my survival skills considering I forgot a flashlight and toilet paper. Luckily, the bathrooms(Yes, I was singing praises. There were bathrooms.) were well stocked so the poison oak was left for someone else’s rear, not mine.

I’m also glad to see that there are plenty of people as crazy as me. All but three families brought multiple children under the age of 3 camping. I did not feel alone as Annie joined in the chorus of children howling in the middle of the night at the moon. And of course I wish I ha a special award to the gal in the ward who camped with her 8 month old baby and her 2 year old twins.

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No Responses to “Dirt, Mosquitoes and Children…oh my!”

  1. Oh you had me at “howling at the moon”. That made my night!


  2. sarah pyrah says:

    now you know why wild animals eat their young :0)

  3. Jessica says:

    Out of my two children, Annie would be the one to eat in all her chub.